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IWishISpitInYourFood.Com—A Fun Website For Every Frustrated Employee

Oftentimes we overhear phrases like, “Working retail sucks” or “I hate my sales job.”These moments are basically the rites-of-passage for potential successful people—except that the grim reality of it all is that working retail or sales does suck. But mostly everyone has to go through the suckiness of it before reaching success.

I WishI Spit In Your Food isn’t all about negativity as it turns employee rants into raves. More than providing a community for people to share their experiences, opinions, and rants about their jobs and the customers and clients they deal with, it has also become a venue for them to psychologically release stress and anger that usually cannot be expressed in reality or the workplace.

Why read a rant rage blog anyway?

“I hate my job”—or you don’t. “Hate” might be a strong word, but reading I Wish I SpitIn Your Food’s real-life stories may: (1) somehow make you feel a whole lot better about your own, (2) may inspire and energize you to take action in your own respective jobs, (3) provide entertainment. While they can get their complaints off their chests, you can get a real good night’s sleep.

You’ll get it when you read it yourself.


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